Cloud Services

A robust system to back up your business’s data and prevent potentially catastrophic data loss is essential for every organisation.

Apograph’s expert cloud services includes setting up and managing cloud backup solutions you’re your business.

Our Cloud backup service

Here are some of the ways we can support your organisation with cloud backup:

Assessment and Planning

Apograph can assess your business's backup needs and develop a plan for implementing a cloud backup solution. To do this, we evaluate data types and sizes, determine backup frequency and retention requirements and identify potential risks and challenges.

Cloud Provider Selection

We can help you find the best cloud backup provider for your business from the many available on the market by taking into account factors like cost, scalability, reliability and security.

Setup and Configuration

Next, we help with setting up and configuring the backup solution. Our expert technicians will configure backup schedules and retention policies, selecting backup locations, and integrating with existing systems and applications.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Apograph can provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your cloud backup to ensure it’s working properly and meeting your business's backup requirements. This involves monitoring backup success rates, performing regular backups and troubleshooting issues that arise.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We can help you develop a disaster recovery plan that includes cloud backup as a key component. This involves identifying potential disasters that could impact your business, developing a plan for responding to those disasters and testing the plan to ensure that it works as expected.

Cloud Services​ Assessment

If you want to know how technology better support your business aims then book in a Digital Transformation Assessment with one of our experts or contact us now