FULLY Managed IT Support


Having your business’s infrastructure and systems proactively managed is more important than having support in place for when problems arise

Apograph’s managed IT services will prevent many issues arising in the first place, providing peace of mind, increased productivity and reduced unplanned technology costs for your business.


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are available to assist you remotely via telephone and email during standard business hours (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. We guarantee a prompt response to address any concerns you may encounter.

Service Level Agreements

Don't be left guessing when you'll get a response. We provide clear expectations of the timelines from Discovery to Resolution.

extensive knowledge & experience

Our UK Based team are on hand to deliver expert resolutions to your technical troubles via Calls, Emails or Onsite

Simple & Scalable Pricing

Plan & Build the cost of your IT Support with per User pricing.


Weekly Managed Software Patching

We regularly perform software patching including for many third-party applications, Windows updates, and firmware upgrades for all core infrastructure components such as servers, switches, and routers. Our team ensures your systems stay up-to-date, enhancing their performance and security.

Proactive Server and Infrastructure Monitoring & Alerting

Using industry-leading technology, Solarwinds nCentral, we actively monitor your server and infrastructure to prevent potential disruptions. Our system is designed to perform automated actions for common faults and our Apograph helpdesk will monitor and rectify any alerted issues.

Managed Enterprise Antivirus

Plan & Build the cost of your IT Support with per User pricing.

Managed IT Support Assessment

If you want to know how technology better support your business aims then book in an IT Support Assessment with one of our experts or contact us now