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Remove barriers to creativity, collaboration and communication with the IT solutions for creative businesses.

Creative companies, such as design studios, ad agencies, and production houses, have unique IT challenges that require attention to ensure smooth operations and creative excellence. By investing in the right technology solutions and working with experienced IT partners, your firm can optimise operations, enhance productivity, and improve creative output.

Benefit from IT support for the creative companies

Here are some of the challenges that creative firms face and solutions we can provide to overcome them:

Collaboration and communication

Creative companies often work on collaborative projects that require effective communication and collaboration with clients, team members, and vendors. Adopting the right project management software, real-time messaging or chat apps, and video conferencing technology can help creative companies manage their projects and teams more efficiently.

Hardware and software compatibility

Creative companies require various hardware and software solutions, such as creative software, design applications, and specialised hardware like graphic tablets or printers. Ensuring all these systems are compatible can be challenging, leading to hardware and software failures and security concerns. We can work to harmonise different systems and technologies to help avoid issues even if you’re using a mixture of Mac and PC devices.

Data management

Creative companies produce and manage many creative assets like images, videos, and designs. Managing these assets manually can result in errors and redundancies and slow the production cycle. A digital asset management (DAM) system can provide a centralised digital repository for all assets and facilitate their distribution across teams and clients.

Version control and backups

Version control and backups are vital for creative companies to avoid data loss, protect intellectual property, and ensure revision history. Adopting an automated backup solution that protects files and data and allows for version control with permissions can help creative companies maintain a reliable system.

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