Remote Desktops

Whether your team are working at home, in a hybrid arrangement or on the go, reliable and efficient virtual desktops are a must for the modern workplace.

Our remote desktop service

Apograph offer a range of services for virtual desktops, including support. Here are some of the ways that we can help with remote desktop solutions:

Selection and setup of Remote desktop software

Apograph can help you select and set up the remote desktop software that best suits your business’s needs. To find the best solution for you, our expert technicians will evaluate factors like performance, security and compatibility with existing systems and applications.

Configuration of Remote desktop environment

Once remote desktop software is selected, Apograph can help configure the remote desktop environment to meet the needs of your business. This can include configuring user access, permissions and security settings, as well as customising the environment to suit the preferences of individual users.

Remote desktop support

We can provide ongoing support for virtual desktops to ensure that they are working properly and meeting the needs of your business. This can involve troubleshooting issues that arise, providing training and education to users and keeping the remote desktop environment up to date with the latest security patches and updates.

Integration with other IT systems

Apograph can help integrate the remote desktop environment with other IT systems and applications used by your business. This can include integrating with cloud services, file-sharing systems and other business-critical applications to ensure seamless access and productivity.

Remote desktop security

We can help ensure the security of remote desktop environments by implementing best practices and security protocols. This includes implementing strong passwords, encryption and access controls, as well as monitoring and auditing remote desktop activity to identify potential security threats.

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If you would like to find out how Apograph can implement or optimise your virtual desktops to boost your business’s productivity, please get in touch.