IT License Management

Making sure your business’s software licenses are up to date and compliant is important, but it can be a time-consuming process to stay on top of.

Apograph’s software license management service takes all the hassle out of keeping track of your software licenses from companies like Microsoft and Dropbox. We provide a centralised solution for managing license information including:

The number of licenses purchased

The number of licenses in use

Expiration dates

This makes it easy to ensure you are in compliance with licensing agreements and avoid the risk of penalties arising from license non-compliance.

Making IT license management easy and cost-effective

The service also helps clients streamline their software license management processes by automating tasks like tracking license usage and expiration dates. With real-time insights into license usage and usage trends, you can make informed decisions about software investments and future license purchases. This can help you save time, effort and money by avoiding overspending on unnecessary licenses and ensuring you have the appropriate licenses to meet your business needs.

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