For agencies, web developers or businesses looking for better performance and technical support.

Website hosting

If you are a website design agency, web developer or a business who needs a faster website, our UK based hosting solution is right for you.

Built on a solid Linux platform and providing Apache and MySQL support, our solution is perfect for WordPress based websites or any website requiring PHP support.

Unlike most hosting companies, we understand PHP programming, MySQL and on-page SEO which enables us to provide a layer of technical expertise and support to our clients rarely found elsewhere. Put simply, we add value to your website.

Our hosting solution is fully managed, monitored and backed up which gives you and your clients the reassurance that if something should go wrong, we are covered.

Low contention = faster websites

We are a company who specialises in load-balancing websites and pooling Server resources. We ensure your website(s) have plenty of available resources to work at their optimum speed, giving your site visitors a better user experience.

Up to sixteen times faster than regular website hosting

The average shared web server hosts over 800 sites, in some cases as many as 15,000. Our solution is different. We run no more than 50 sites per Server. This means far less web traffic being managed by the Server allowing your site to perform at higher speeds even during your busiest times.

Improve your web site Google rankings

Using our solution, and because of the high average performance statistics, any website hosted on our hosting platform has a far better chance at ranking higher with Google and other Search Engines due to better page load speeds.

If your website targets a UK audience and hosted in the UK then you are more likely to rank better in search engines. Our solution is in the heart of the UK. Our solution is perfect for businesses looking to rank high in the UK.

Technical support

Most website design agencies would sooner spend their time designing and producing a quality website without being drawn into the technical issues of what to do when something stops working.

Our experts fully understand the hosting as well as the technical framework of WordPress and other PHP coded websites which enables us to be on-hand to assist in maintenance tasks and upgrades. If anything goes wrong, we are here to assist.

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  • We were having some really big problems with our I.T. system that we'd been trying to sort out for quite a while with our previous service provider. The issues were costing us a lot of downtime, and money. the full testimonial!

    Vikki George, Premier Percussion

  • We used Apograph to sort out broadband speed issues for us. From our first meeting it was obvious that they had far greater technical knowledge than the IT companies we have used in recent years. They quickly came up with solutions to our the full testimonial!

    John Harrison, John Harrison & Co Ltd