IT Services

For 30 years Apograph has been the trusted choice for IT services and IT support delivered to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

Located in both the Midlands and London, our proactive approach ensures your IT systems are up-and-running at all times. Our attention to detail, planning and preparation will ensure we keep your IT protected from disaster should the worst happen.

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IT Support and IT Services


In today’s evolving business environment, organisations face many unique challenges including business continuity, data security, resilience, uptime and multi-site offices. The IT industry has changed dramatically over the last 5 years to accommodate this transition. Companies who traditionally relied on desktop IT in their back office have migrated to a new way of computing – through ‘The Cloud’.

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Voice Communications

If you are looking to replace your existing phone system, a cloud-based solution could be a better choice. Our solution is ideal for any small to medium sized business and is especially highly suited and cost effective in organisations that have remote workers and more than one site that work together.

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Data Cabling & Wireless

A good reliable computer network relies on a quality cable installation. If you experience poor or unreliable performance with your computers, it could be down to your cable installation. For any computer technician to be able to troubleshoot network issues, it adds complexity and doubt when the cabling system is messy and finished to a poor standard.

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