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Published 19 March 2020

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

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Remote working during Coronavirus pandemic

If you need to make available remote working, or the ability for your employees to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, we can help you.

Many of our customers have already asked us to assist with this and many of their employees are now self-isolating whilst still being able to work. This is helping to minimise disruption and financial hardship to the business along with potential risks to fellow employees.

remote working

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In most cases, the ability to work remotely from home can be achieved by a few basic configuration changes within a companies’ IT infrastructure. Most companies already have what is required and many users own a company laptop, they just need the expertise to configure the options available.

Whether you need access to just email, company data, or the ability to access company applications we can assist with technologies including Office 365, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Remote working from home – demand is likely to be high

With the knowledge of how easy and affordable the option for working from home can be there does present a potential obstacle. The biggest obstacle likely to face companies considering the option for remote working from home is availability of equipment and technical staff to enable this option.

It is far better to act now than to leave it too late. We have already seen a shortage of Laptop computers in the channel due to panic buying along with supply chain shortages. With transport ports being restricted this is likely to get worse.

Call our team on 01858 455426 to discuss your options, we are happy to help, we can even show you some of the many options available whilst you sit in the safety of your own office.

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