Coronavirus – What’s our policy?

I know some people will consider any response at this stage as being unnecessary, but we simply don’t know what’s going to happen, so we are trying to take a sensible approach to protect our staff, clients and suppliers.

How will Apograph handle the Coronavirus?

What we do know is that the infection is transferred from person to person through human contact. Although, at this stage it isn’t our intention to eliminate human contact from our role as a service provider, we will however encourage our staff and our clients along with our suppliers to limit personal contact to that of being what is considered necessary.

Most of what we do can be done remotely, we have systems already in place to be able to provide our service without the need to visit the client. There are occasions where we will need to perform a site visit, and when these occasions arise, we will only send a representative from Apograph who we know has not knowingly come into contact with anyone who has shown symptoms of cold or flu.

Anyone working for Apograph and showing symptoms or cold or flu will be told to work from home.

Our policy regarding pay and benefits?

We will continue to pay our staff in full. It isn’t our intention to class any periods of isolation as holiday or sick pay. If our staff must remain at home in isolation and still feel as though they can work from home, they will be considered as attending work and paid as usual.

What our customers say about Apograph

Once you start using us, we believe you'll want to stay with us. See what some of our happy clients have to say about Apograph:

  • BakeAway as a Business has been supported by Apograph for several years, providing their services on the IT front. We have had a very fruitful relationship with them and where possible have recommended their services to several interrelated the full testimonial!

    Thomas Mann, Bakeaway

  • I have known and worked with Apograph for over 10 years.

    Adrian helped me grow from a small start-up company with only 1 PC to a fully functional modern day office. Apograph managed my needs at every stage of growth, never the full testimonial!

    Sam Beerling, Qspine Ltd