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Published 14 January 2013

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

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SEO Services – What does it mean?

You may have a nice website, but is it at the top of the search engines?

Think about this for a moment. If you could spend £1000 and generate £100,000 would you be prepared to make that investment?

Anyone in business would welcome a 100 fold return on their investment, you’d be crazy not to. Most businesses invest money in generating new business whether it is advertising, cold calling or mail shots. The internet now represents 89% of the activity people choose to do when thinking about purchasing products or services.

How does a £1000 website turn into £100,000? It’s because of the huge audience and low cost of reaching that audience. Each time you make a cold call, or send a mailshot you are physically engaging in the marketing process on a person-by-person basis. Not only is this very time consuming, it’s costly and takes an enormous effort to track the progress.

Furthermore, cold calling is considered an unwelcome interruption in someone’s daily activity. To be successful at it involves being highly experienced, and people with these skills are hard to come by.

If by chance you sent a mailshot, or cold called someone who was actually at that precise moment looking for your products or services, then you stand a good chance of successfully closing a deal. This type of opportunity is rare and is more by luck than judgment.

Internet Marketing is different. The 89% of people using Internet Search Engines to find products and services are actually looking for products and services. So they are in fact valuable warm leads. It then becomes all about being first in the search results. If someone was to type into a search engine something on the lines of a product or service you happened to offer, do they find you or one of your competitors?

You need to be found first, that way you have first chance at closing the deal.

The difference between having a website and having a valuable sales tool can be likened to the difference between owning a nice painting and owning a Rembrandt. Both appear to be nice paintings to the untrained eye except one is worth a few hundred pounds and the other is worth around nine million.

A good website is one that does exactly what it was intended to do. Usually they service to provide information or to sell a company’s products and services. This is where the correct decision needs to be made when selecting a website design company and this is where most companies go wrong in making the decision. If it’s a sales tool, and most of them are, the website needs to be designed by a company who knows how to position the website high in the search engines.

If it’s all about the design then a nicely designed website will never be found by your next potential customer. However, an optimised website competing with your competitors will rise above them in the search engines.

Time is of the essence. Whilst you are mulling the contents of this article over, you are missing out on new business. Your competitors are already above you and are receiving new leads, new opportunities and new revenue. If you are reading this article it is because you are looking for new business. It’s time to call the experts.

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