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Published 6 March 2019

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

Most businesses are vulnerable to attack due to owning nothing more than a basic Router with built in Firewall. It doesn't cost a lot to protect your business securely using a SonicWall device but could save you a fortune.
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Protect your Business from the Latest Ransomware Attack

It just goes to show that no-one is immune from attempted Ransomware attacks, and even more so if we do nothing to protect ourselves.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) became a victim of a massive Ransomware attack which shut down the function of many hospitals thus preventing patients from receiving critical care. The attack hit more than 100 countries across the world with an untold number of victims.

How does Ransomware affect me?

How the Ransomware works is by exploiting file shares (SMB) which affects various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems and in particular, versions of Windows which are now classed as end-of-life. Microsoft has released patches, but many users haven’t updated their machines which leaves them more exposed to the risks of Ransomware.

Organisations find it virtually impossible to protect themselves due to having numerous desktop and laptop computers being used on and off-site. These devices also being loaded with different versions of Windows adds to the problem. If a threat enters the organisation via the companies’ internet connection, the trouble can soon begin.

How can I protect my business?

The best way to protect your business is at the perimeter. Make no mistake, there is always a need to patch and protect devices connected to your companies’ network, but stopping viruses entering the company via the internet is of vital importance when considering data security.

Image source: Sonicwall

Most businesses are vulnerable to attack due to owning nothing more than a basic Router and Firewall either supplied to them when they installed their Internet Service or bought as a replacement item afterwards.

These devices aren’t designed to protect you against advanced threats simply because they can’t recognise these types of threats.

One way to protect your business securely is to install a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance such as a SonicWall. In addition to protecting your business against Ransomware, these devices block malware and intrusions as well as providing application control and web content filtering.

SonicWall utilises what is called a Capture Cloud Platform. SonicWall devices learn what is a threat because the software installed on the device is consolidated from more than one million SonicWall sensors worldwide.

The devices are updated in real-time with automatically delivered signatures developed by SonicWall Capture Labs.

Claim your free Vulnerability Assessment

If you are unsure what level of protection your business currently has then why not claim your free vulnerability assessment. There is no cost and no obligation and the information we can provide you just might save your data. Fill in our contact form for further details.

Additional features of Enterprise-Grade Firewalls

There are many additional features which make up an enterprise-grade firewall including Intrusion Prevention, Application Control and Web Content Filtering. Further information will be provided soon.

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