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Published 25 May 2018

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

It wasn't necessary for all companies to email everyone about updates to their Privacy Policies, so we decided not to. Instead we have just made a few amendments and summarised them here.
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GDPR – Our Privacy Policy Explained

We have recently updated our Privacy Policy to be in line with the new GDPR, which if you still haven’t heard, is the General Data Protection Regulation.

The details of which can be found here, but in summary, our do’s and don’t’s are explained below:

Before we get started, the definitions are ‘you’ the customer, and ‘us’, ‘we’, or ‘our’ is Apograph Ltd.

If in the case the roles are reversed and we are the customer etc., then the only change is ‘you’ become the supplier.

With your permission, we keep your name and email address.

We respect your name and email address and do not share either without your permission.

We keep your company details, i.e. company name, address and phone number for the purpose of carrying out the business activity agreed between you and us.

At any stage during the time we hold your details, of which you are aware of, you are entitled to contact us and be told exactly what we hold on file that relates to you or your company.

If you decide you no longer want to know us or be known by us, then you have every right to insist we destroy the data we hold about you, no offence will be taken.

However, for legal reasons, we may have to keep some of the data on file for a given period, for example, you may have bought something from us and we have to keep your name and contact details for warranty purposes or accounting purposes.

As we don’t send marketing emails, we won’t be sending you anything without your prior knowledge and certainly without your permission.

If we decide in the future to engage in Newsletter activities or email marketing, we will seek your permission and have you opt-in before you receive any such information.

Any questions? Just send us an email

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