25 November 2019
Adrian Fowler, Managing Director

Adrian Fowler

As a business owner concerned about data security, you should have already asked your IT manager the question “Is our data secure, and are our devices protected against hacks and Cryptolocker Virus’s?” The problem is, and despite being verbally reassured, you still don’t know for sure if you are – until of course you find […]

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3 April 2019
Alex Innard, Head of IT

Alex Innard

As a buyer, we all like to know the cost of something before we buy it. For most things we chose to buy, information on pricing is usually readily available. This means we can make informed decisions before making that next big purchase. Over the last ten years, there has been a shift for businesses […]

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28 January 2019
Daniel Powell, Technician

Daniel Powell

Do you actually need a server to run your business? In the era of “the cloud” you might be wondering – “Can I ditch my server”? The answer is possibly Yes! Let’s look at a few scenarios. I use my server for E-mail and Office Documents. If you are using a server for files and […]

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