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Published 19 August 2019

Daniel Powell

Daniel Powell

If you want an IT solution that is available from anywhere, as well as being completely resilient, then Microsoft Azure could be right for you.

In the article, I discuss how Microsoft Azure can benefit businesses thinking of a more robust cloud solution.
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Azure Site Recovery – What is it and how it works

Microsoft Azure – What is it?

This is a great question. Azure or Microsoft Azure to use its full name is Microsoft’s “cloud computing” service. To put it simply, you can use it to provide information technology software (SaaS) and/or infrastructure (IaaS) in the cloud, without the need for an on-premise presence. It also offers capabilities to allow coexistence with systems from various vendors and as such is not Microsoft-centric.

In small to medium businesses (SMB’s), you can use Azure to host virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), to enable your staff to connect to your systems “in the cloud” without the need for on-site server hardware. You can use Azure for hosting your corporate CRM system or other such line-of-business application.

Can I use Microsoft Azure?

A question we get from clients is “can we use Microsoft Azure?”

The answer almost every time is “yes”, but the question everyone should be asking is; “how can I make use of Microsoft Azure?”

Below are several projects we have completed recently using the Azure platform.

Create your Hosting Service

If you prefer the desktop version of apps such as Sage or QuickBooks, we can host any desktop app in Azure and publish it to users as a RemoteApp or a full remote desktop experience. This is often referred to as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI.)

Extend on-premises Active Directory to Azure

Have an on-premises AD Domain Controller running on old hardware? We can set up a secondary Domain Controller in Azure to protect the environment and enable site-wide disaster recovery options.

Lift-and-shift Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 to Azure

Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 R2 are reaching end-of-support soon. Get 3 years of extended security updates at no charge from Microsoft by migrating to Azure.

Migrate a file server to Azure

Create a virtual file server and mirror data or use DFS or Azure File Sync replication to enable replication between cloud and on-premise servers.

Access file shares hosted in Azure from any location and maintain compatibility with existing applications.

Create resilient disaster recovery (DRaas)

Replicate all on-premises servers to Azure for a quick and resilient disaster recovery option.

This will enable you to:

– Achieve better recovery times and cost savings than leading DRaaS providers.
– Facilitate zero-impact DR testing at any time.
– Provide peace of mind that your core infrastructure is protected no matter what.

Host your entire IT infrastructure virtual desktops and servers

Do more than just DRaaS. Host the entire IT infrastructure in Azure, including domain controllers, file servers, and application servers.


Azure will not be suitable for absolutely everybody. However, for most businesses, it will offer benefits. Whether these be replacing ageing infrastructure or just creating a better disaster recovery function. If you’d like to find out how Azure could help your business, speak to one of our experienced Technicians for a no-obligation chat today.

Call 01858 455426 to find out more about the business benefits of Microsoft Azure.

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