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Published 21 July 2016

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

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Antivirus solution for charities?

Charities need a good antivirus solution every bit as much as any other business. Sadly, due to strict budget controls and limited funds to invest in office infrastructure, charities often overlook or neglect their IT, the security element being one.

Trustees are often not aware the head office IT systems are unprotected.

Most people assume protection is in place.

The responsibility of ensuring the IT systems are protected, data is backed up, policies and procedures are in place, is often gifted to either a director or an office manager. Only when something goes wrong does that person suddenly become accountable.

“Why did you not protect our systems with an effective antivirus solution?”

A question which will make your heart sink if you have no justifiable answer, and one that you will kick yourself with if the thought had occurred to you but you did nothing about it.

Don’t allow your IT systems to become infected

Having no effective antivirus solution is a disaster waiting to happen. It is getting easier by the day for IT systems to become infected with a virus. Often these viruses come attached to an email from outside senders own infected email systems. Rogue attachments sent by legitimate senders often have viruses embedded in them.

What would happen if you became infected? Who would be held accountable?

For the sake of a small investment in virus security, wouldn’t it be better to protect the charity rather than allow it to fall over as a result of an attack? Of course, it would.

But the cost is usually the deciding factor, so where possible we go for the free route. However, this can present a problem as we all know free is rarely good, and in the case of software, free usually means for home use only.

We can help

We are keen to focus on the needs of charities. We recognise that charities are accountable to their benefactors and trustees, and any expenditure has to be scrutinised.

If you are a registered charity, we will discount not only our margin, we will also discount our cost price and discount our time to enable you to benefit from the best antivirus solution for your charities IT equipment.

Protect your charity with the best antivirus product

It is so easy to prevent your IT from being infected with a robust antivirus solution.

We are here and want to help. Call us on 01858 455426 and ask to speak to Adrian!

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